Using Domain Name Registrations To Determine What Businesses a City Needs

captioned. | A screenshot from SimCity 2013.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment: if you were put in charge of planning a city from scratch, what businesses would you need to include?

To answer this question you might start by thinking about what businesses you interact with on a weekly basis and what dependencies they have. You need food, which means you need a grocery store. You need transportation to get to the grocery store so you need a vehicle which means you need a car dealership where you can purchase a vehicle. You need roads to travel on, you need people to take care of those roads, you need people to transport the food to the grocery stores, people to repair those vehicles, people to operate the gas stations. You can get pretty far using this technique but you’ll inevitably run forget to consider some things because of the limitations of your own knowledge.

Another way to answer this problem is to look at what businesses most cities already have. Most cities have car dealerships and doctors so that’s probably a good indication that you will want to include them in your city. In practice though how would you accomplish this? You could grab a copy of the YellowPages and start flipping page by page, but you would likely give up long before you had a complete list. Is there a a better way?

Looking at domain name registrations

Each day a company called VeriSign publishes a massive list all of the registered .COM domain names in what’s called a zone file. Rather than look through the YellowPages to see what businesses are present in a city we can just check the list of registered domain names related to that city. Want to know if Arlington has a bath remodeling business? See if is registered (it is). Want to know if Dayton has an antique store? See if is registered (it is). These websites might not actually be in use, but the fact that someone saw fit to register them indicates that there is a market in that location.

Therefore to figure out what businesses a city needs we can use the zone file to look at which domain names are already registered for that city and then compare those to other cities and see which businesses they have in common.

The results

For this analysis I looked at domain names that begin with one of the top ten US cities by population: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, and San Jose and then checked which domain name endings they have in common.

Not all of the results represent their own industry or business. For example, some names like “At a Glance” and “Pro” simply make good website names (think Dallas At A Glance or Houston Pro) but the majority are in their own industry. You’ve got everything from lawyers (abogado in Spanish) to Zumba, a popular cardio program, and everything in between. You’ve got business that take care of your car (Auto Repair Service), help you with your finances (Bankruptcy Attorney, Refinancing), take care of your house (Bath Remodeling, Window Cleaners), your body (Chiropractic, Orthodontist, Beauty Salon) and just about every other local business that you interact with on a daily basis.

A quick note on interpreting the results: the presence of, say, “adagency” means that,,, and so on are all registered domain names. Because it’s registered for all 10 cities, it is included in this list.

list. abogado abogados ac academy access accident accidentattorney accidentattorneys accidentlaw accidentlawfirm accidentlawyer accidentlawyers accidents accommodation accommodations accountant accountantguide accountants accounting accountingjobs acls aclspalsbls aco activities acupuncture ad adagencies adagency addictionmed address adoption ads adulted adventurepark advertising advertisingagencies advertisingagency advisor afterdark afternoon agent air airconditioning airconditioningcontractor airconditioningcontractors airductcleaning airlines airport airportcarrental airporthotel airporthotels airportlimo airportparking airports airportshuttle airportshuttles airporttaxi airporttransportation airtravel alarm alarms alarmsystems alfaromeo allergy alliedhealthschools allstars amateurgolftour amateurtour ambulance angels animalcontrol animalhospital annuities annuity answeringservice answers antiques apartment apartmentbuildings apartmentbuildingsales apartmentforrent apartmentlocator 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