Available “Black Friday” Domain Names

There was a really interesting post published over at SEOMoz this week title How I Made $13,490.50 With Adsense Last November where the author, Scott Offord, explains how he crafted a site, ThanksgivingBlackFridayAds.com, to bring in thousands of dollars in AdSense and affiliate revenue each holiday season.

Scott explains:

Recognizing a profitable opportunity, I created a website that gives people what they want: early intel about Black Friday discounts and hot items.

The domain name — ThanksgivingBlackFridayAds — was clearly chosen to rank well for Thanksgiving/Black Friday search terms. That got me thinking (and probably many other folks too) whether there are other good Black Friday domains still out there.

A quick search reveals that there are still a lot of great available domains containing “Black Friday”:

While not all would make good website names, there are more than a few gems including:


Buyer beware though: Scott notes that ranking for Black Friday can be difficult, even with a great exact match domain name:

It doesn’t help either that Yahoo/Bing decided to globally deindex almost any site that had the words “Black Friday” in its domain name too.

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