Lean Domain Search Now Automatically Checks Whether Domain Names Are Trademarked

A few days ago I added a feature to Lean Domain Search that automatically checks a domain name’s Twitter availability when you confirm that the domain name is still available. Today, I’m launching a similar update: Lean Domain Search now automatically checks whether there’s a registered trademark for domain name’s that you’re interested in.

For example, if you search for “app” and like and see that “appcyber.com” is still available, you can click it and Lean Domain Search will automatically check that the domain name is still available, that the Twitter name @appcyber is still available, and that there aren’t any trademarks containing “app cyber”:

There’s also a link included to the source on Trademarkia so you can double-check the results on your own. If there are similar trademarked names, Lean Domain Search will tell you there “may be” a registered trademark, which you can review and determine whether it conflicts with your name and business. When in doubt, check with a lawyer. 🙂

Hope it helps —

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