Lean Domain Search Adds 450 New Search Results; Now Checks 2,500 Domain Names Per Search

I’m happy to announce that we’ve added 450 new search results to Lean Domain Search, putting the total domain names checked per search at 2,500. This should give you an even wider range of domain names to choose from for all but the most popular subjects areas.

Getting from 2,050 to 2,500 was not as trivial as it might sound. The 25% increase required a significant amount of architectural changes to the way Lean Domain Search performs the searches. Not only did we upgrade our search server, but we reworked our entire search algorithm so that these new results did not cause the average search time to jump as well. It’s still too early to say for sure, but it looks like even with the 450 new results the average search time for non-cached results is about 30% less than it used to be.

Here’s the full list of prefixes and suffixes added to the results:

+affiliate, +age, +air, +alert, +all, +angel, +anywhere, +architects, +architecture, +ask, +awards, +benefits, +bits, +black, +bliss, +boy, +brand, +broker, +bucks, +buy, +buyer, +buys, +byte, +cave, +centre, +chart, +charts, +com, +community, +consultancy, +credit, +culture, +db, +deals, +discount, +distribution, +doctors, +dollars, +download, +downloads, +dr, +earth, +education, +entertainment, +equipment, +ex, +family, +farm, +forest, +forlife, +fx, +gateway, +geeks, +generation, +gifts, +girls, +guy, +hd, +heart, +history, +ify, +images, +industries, +ink, +internet, +investments, +ist, +jam, +kids, +kingdom, +learn, +lens, +lighting, +limited, +listing, +llc, +mail, +maps, +marketing, +markets, +match, +men, +merchant, +meter, +method, +money, +monster, +networking, +new, +nexus, +ondemand, +pit, +planning, +plans, +player, +price, +program, +programs, +properties, +publishing, +quality, +ranch, +rates, +reach, +rewards, +rules, +runner, +sales, +savvy, +scan, +screen, +seller, +service, +shine, +sight, +silver, +squared, +ster, +stores, +stories, +summit, +surfer, +table, +teacher, +techs, +themes, +tours, +tower, +tracks, +tube, +tv, +university, +update, +usa, +video, +village, +visions, +wealth, +wholesale, +wiz, +woman, advance+, adventure+, after+, air+, america+, american+, angel+, anti+, article+, ask+, atlantic+, atlas+, bar+, bargain+, base+, basic+, beautiful+, bio+, block+, body+, bonus+, boom+, box+, brain+, bright+, brilliant+, broker+, buddy+, budget+, byte+, cafe+, camp+, campus+, capital+, cash+, celebrity+, center+, central+, certified+, change+, charity+, cheap+, choose+, circle+, clever+, client+, coach+, coastal+, commerce+, community+, company+, consumer+, contact+, content+, corporate+, country+, crown+, crystal+, data+, day+, db+, design+, dev+, diamond+, directory+, discount+, doc+, doctor+, dollar+, dr+, dragon+, eagle+, earth+, east+, edge+, edu+, education+, empire+, enjoy+, enter+, enterprise+, equi+, ex+, exchange+, fan+, final+, finance+, financial+, flip+, fly+, for+, forum+, fox+, freedom+, friendly+, front+, galaxy+, garden+, geek+, gem+, giant+, gift+, globe+, golden+, goto+, grand+, grey+, guide+, gulf+, hard+, hd+, healthy+, hello+, hollywood+, howto+, hub+, ideal+, impact+, industrial+, industry+, information+, ink+, inner+, innovation+, insight+, intelligent+, international+, internet+, intra+, invest+, iron+, island+, jet+, joy+, jump+, kid+, king+, lady+, land+, launch+, leader+, lean+, liberty+, lifestyle+, lime+, lion+, list+, little+, logic+, lucky+, mad+, major+, marketing+, maximum+, medi+, media+, mighty+, mind+, mission+, mob+, mobil+, monkey+, motion+, mountain+, mr+, multi+, national+, news+, nice+, noble+, nordic+, north+, northern+, ocean+, on+, organic+, our+, outdoor+, over+, pacific+, pack+, page+, panda+, para+, paradise+, partner+, patent+, peak+, peer+, people+, performance+, phoenix+, pin+, pink+, plan+, point+, pop+, portal+, post+, pre+, premier+, private+, profit+, promo+, push+, rank+, re+, realtime+, research+, retail+, review+, rich+, robo+, robot+, rock+, royal+, ruby+, sale+, savvy+, send+, senior+, service+, shadow+, shared+, shop+, short+, side+, skill+, slick+, slim+, smooth+, snow+, solo+, solution+, south+, southern+, speed+, spin+, spirit+, splash+, spring+, stage+, standard+, start+, stock+, stone+, store+, storm+, story+, street+, strong+, study+, sub+, success+, summit+, sunshine+, superior+, support+, supreme+, surf+, swap+, swift+, swiss+, system+, talent+, tap+, target+, thunder+, tiger+, time+, tiny+, titan+, tour+, trader+, traffic+, travel+, triple+, turbo+, tutor+, two+, uber+, union+, universal+, university+, up+, usa+, valley+, vertical+, victory+, video+, vintage+, vista+, vita+, wave+, we+, website+, west+, western+, wholesale+, wise+, wish+, wolf+, wow+, write+, young+, youth+, zap+, zone+, zoom+


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