Domainblob: A Ruby-based Domain Search Script

Joe Norton at Beginner Ruby recently open-sourced a Ruby-based domain search script that you all might be interested in.

Here’s Joe:

I think Lean Domain Search does a great job at what they do, however for me personally it does not fit my workstyle. I wanted a tool that would produce real reports for me that I can keep around and possible run scripts against in the future.

I built a similar tool in Visual Basic a few years back which I used so heavily that it eventually inspired me to build Lean Domain Search.

It’s great to see others coming up with their own solutions to finding an available domain name. We need as much innovation in the domain search space as possible so that when it comes time to find a domain name, people have many alternatives to buying a premium domain name.

You can read Joe’s full article here: My First Opensource Project – Domainblob.

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